All domestic games in one place!

Today, the website of the Serbian Game Developers Association (SGA) has made available a page featuring all games made in Serbia. The games can be searched by platform and genre, offering a complete overview of domestic gaming companies' products.

The platform features over 160 titles from various genres, with most of them made for PC and mobile platforms. Most of the games come from Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Niš, and were created by teams ranging from one person to over 80 people. This shows the great diversity and potential of the Serbian gaming industry.

Thanks to this database, which will constantly be expanding, all interested publishers and investors in the gaming world can get to know our projects and studies better, as well as the media, educational institutions, and other decision-makers.

According to the official annual report of the SGA, games produced in Serbia have been purchased and downloaded over 370 million times worldwide. The industry has generated a revenue of 125 million euros and employs over 2,300 professionals from various fields.