Advanced solutions in medical technology and biotechnology
By establishing the conditions to create its own innovations, Serbian healthcare would create more jobs, accumulated protected intellectual property and an economically self-sustaining system, with the goal of preserving a healthier and more equal society globally.

About the consortium

The vision of the consortium is a Serbia in which healthcare is peronalized and digitalized, while the industry is active and developed on the basis of strong infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies. 

The development of an ecosystem in which ethical principles are respected with the existence of agile regulation that enables successful business and innovation is one of the primary goals of the consortium. By meeting this goal, the whole of society will benefit from products and innovations and develop trust in a functional user-friendly system.

The consortium will focus on multidisciplinary education and cross-sector cooperation, creating a single platform for the exchange of knowledge, technology and experience. Such a platform, oriented towards domestic and foreign markets, ensures active financing of projects and gives additional visibility to Serbian scientists and students.

Consortium members
Health Tech Lab
Institut za molekularnu genetiku i genetičko inženjerstvo
Diasolution d.o.o
Acibadem Bel Medic
Naučno-tehnološki park Niš
Naissus tehnologije doo
Farmaceutski fakultet Novi Sad
Cluster management team
Ivana Kostić
Aleksandra Lazevski



If you work in the field of medical technology and biotechnology, have an idea, knowledge or infrastructure, join the pilot supercluster.